Nia Green Belt Training


Event: Nia Green Belt Training

Where: Cape Town  II

When:  3 - 7, April 2016

Cost: USD$1,200.00 (special SA price - the regular price elsewhere is $1 599)



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Britta is very excited to be coming back to South Africa to share this teaching belt with Everybody! Last year's green belt was inspirational, insightful and fun for all trainees - providing everyone with a great set of tools for mastering the art of teaching and delivering the magic of the Nia promise


FOCUS: The craft of teaching Nia
INTENT: To effectively deliver the Nia experience
GREEN BELT is an optional training, which focuses entirely on developing and embodying the skills to effectively teach Nia. All belt levels who teach or desire to teach are strongly encouraged to attend this training.

The Nia Promise and Delivering the Nia Experience are phrases we use to express the transformative power of Nia; to a Nia Teacher's ability to deeply move and touch people within the classroom environment. As a teacher, your role is to guide people through a meaningful journey of physical conditioning and self-discovery. Teaching Nia is all about sharing your personal experience – your physical and emotional sensations, visual images and feelings. To do so, you must have a solid understanding of the form, objective curriculum and communication techniques. 


The Green Belt comprehensively explores all mechanics of delivering the work, including embodying the choreography, cueing, creating intentional silences, dancing to the music and helping people achieve their personal fitness goals. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned teacher, Green Belt will further your teaching skills. New teachers develop confidence, craft and skill by learning and practicing the foundations of teaching. Seasoned teachers refine and deepen their understanding, building on their craft and receiving feedback from peers to deliver the most powerful experience possible.

The training includes a pre-training course based on the 13 White Belt principles. As part of the training, you will learn and work with the routine, Passion. You may register for a Green Belt Training at any time after graduating from a White Belt Training.


The cost of the Green Belt Training is
$1 200 USD *Special fee for SA residents only

A registration fee of $600 is payable to Nia HQ – the remainder $600 (due one month before the training begins) is paid directly to the trainer via PayPal. *
NB = South Africa residents must register for this training by calling Nia HQ in Portland :  +1 (503) 245 9886


On the
training, logistics, accommodation, registration and payment information:
082 462 4844
   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
You can also email Britta directly with any questions you might have in regards making the decision to take the Green Belt training.
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If you are a livelihood member
you may retake / resit the Green Belt training. All retakes are based on space availability and approval by the trainer 30 days prior to the training. 
Nia HQ: $125   III   Trainer fee (payable to Britta): R 3 200

If you wish to resit Green please email Britta (and cc Nicci) of your intention - she will "approve" and let you know how to register and pay for the training.
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International 1st Generation trainer on the Nia Training Faculty (White, Blue and Green) and Nia Black Belt Teacher (including 5 STAGES, 52 Moves) plus Creative Movement for Kids specialist Educator and Trainer
Britta, from Idaho in the US, grew up near the source of Nia in Portland, Oregon where she took her first Nia class taught by the creators of Nia, Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas. Inspired by this unique freedom of movement combined with mental focus, Britta received her White Belt in Nia and started teaching in 1995. Britta was the first Nia teacher in the state of Idaho, pioneering the work as well as combining education with somatic movement to create a kinesthetic approach to children’s education.
“I have been passionate about educating humanity to help heal the world through the dance of Nia since 1995. I have been training Nia to teachers since 2002, first in Idaho and now worldwide. I have found over the years of training, that the Nia practice has generated an even stronger intention of Peace on Earth inside me. Not that I have to love or save everyone, but create an positive environment for individuals to be transported while getting a great workout no matter what their age or ability. Nia is an international language, like nature is. It is the language of sensation or words without words, an alchemical formula for magic! Presently, I have combined my 20 years of experience working with children, my degree in Elementary Education, and the depth of Nia, to create a movement-based, educational program for pre-school age children. I will forever continue to share the joy and love of movement with all ages, playfully and energetically! My mantra: I am, therefore I teach”
Britta leads trainings in the US, Scotland, Europe and Australia and this is her fourth trip back to South Africa – pulled back by her love for the Nia community here and the community’s love of her!

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