"Movement is Life"

Nia is a barefoot, transformational, holistic movement, fitness technique, which engages your body, mind, emotions & spirit.

It is movement with a purpose, a philosophy

rooted in the pleasure & 'the joy of movement'

Nia teaches you to be more joyful, expressive

& alive as you move, using your whole body,

in your body's own natural way.

Nia movements are drawn from the dance arts, martial arts & healing arts and are choreographed to diverse & inspiring music

Nia increases your energy & the pleasure

of living in your body.

Nia promotes balance, grace, flexibility, agility, mobility, muscle tone, and strength, endurance, weight maintenance, good posture, improves cognitive

functioning, de-stresses, calms the mind & nourishes the heart & soul.

Nia can be adapted to all fitness levels

Please see below for details of Nia Instructors in the KZN along with contact and class details:

Our Instructors

Adie Bartels

Venue:  Pietermaritzburg & Hilton

Contact Adie: 082 890 0524 / 033 345 8528

Lorraine Relleen

Venue: Hillcrest & Kloof
Contact Lorraine: 031 767 1690

Follow Lorraine on Faceboo

Fiona Furniss

Venue: Sunningdale / La Lucia

Contact Fiona: 083 258 5880 / 031 502 5667

Charisse Shepherd

Venue: Berea & Morningside

Contact Charisse: 083 631 0889 / 031 205 7072

Liz Cunningham

Venue: The Heart Space, Clansthal

Contact Liz: 083 556 8108